Modular Building


AJIPower® Modular House we cooperate with some companies specialized in manufacturing modular houses, installing container houses, prefab houses, steel structure warehouse workshops, mobile homes, modular houses, etc.
We provide a one-stop solution for clients:
– such as providing all furniture
– solar power system
– electricity
– plumbing for prefab house
– etc
we will be sending our  workers/engineers to install the modular house/steel structure warehouse for clients.
We have supported with advanced facilities and technologies for container house, which makes our quality and price very competitive in this field.
Let everyone live in their dream and safe house.

AjiPower® Modular House now We have kinds of modular container houses:
1. 20ft/40ft flat pack container house
2. 20ft/40ft shipping modified shipping container house
3. 20ft/40ft expandable container house
4. 20ft/40ft  foldable container house
5. Customize pack