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What is All in One LED Light?
New technology for solar street light is all in one solar LED street light.
Within all in one design, its solar panel, LED Lamp, Lithium Battery,
MPPT Controller is all integrated into one body.

Where is the best location?
In street, area, and parking lot lighting alternative system is one complete unit-making this product fast and easy to install,
and a solid, cost-effective, efficient way to light your project, along with being a great investment.
Solar Lighting International’s All-In-One solar street and parking lot light provides an adjustable timed control mode and human body sensor mode via a single remote control.
The time control mode includes an all-night sensor mode and a morning mode.
Just a one-time simple setup and the controller will adjust each mode AUTOMATICALLY.

What are the Benefits of All in One System?
Help reduce the installation cost.
The more expensive is the battery cost, we calculate all and make sure the power is enough to work in 2 days without sunshine so we can reduce the price.
Greening concept (GO Green) with the use of environmentally friendly energy.

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