AJIPower Ongrid System 500-1500Wp


What is On-Grid Solar Home System?

On-Grid Solar Home System is a solar power generation system that converts solar thermal energy into electric current for use in homes, office buildings and factories.

What is the On-Grid Solar Home System for?

On-Grid Solar Home System is the right solution for business owners and residents of the house, who remember to make savings and the burden of electricity usage costs, especially those using large electricity during the day.

How does the On-Grid Solar Home System work?

Solar Panel or better known as PV is installed on the top of the building/roof, and solar heat received directly is converted to DC current. From the DC current through the inverter is converted again into AC current and synchronized with the electric current from PLN to be used. When the energy produced by the sun is excessive from usage, it can be directly sold/distributed to PLN through a Special Meter.

What are the Benefits of using an On-Grid Solar Home System?

  • Help reduce the cost of electricity from PLN.
  • The more expensive the cost of PLN, the greater the cost of savings can be done.
  • It does not need a battery as a container, excess energy is directly channeled to the PLN.
  • Reducing the operational costs of the generator.
  • Can sell electricity directly to PLN (with a Special Meter).
  • Greening concept (GO Green) with the use of environmentally friendly energy.

Where is the Solar Panel placed?

The safest and most convenient solar panel is mounted on the roof of a house or building. Besides functioning as an energy producer, solar panels used on the roof or not also help to reduce the heat so it does not go down, so that the house or building is more comfortable.



The Main Components of the On-Grid Solar System Solar Panel Modules / PV

  • Uses the PERCIUM Monocrystalline / Polycrystalline Solar Panel module and the latest production.
  • Panel Module with the highest quality / Grade A.
  • Module with the highest efficiency cell performance.
  • Product life 25-30 years.

On-Grid Inverter

  • Machines with the best performance efficiency (maximum 98%).
  • Equipped with a complete set of information recorded during the process / Power Management System.
  • Lack of engine noise, by using the heatsink as the cooler.
  • Resistant to wet environments (IP65).
  • Already equipped with features that make it easy to retrieve machine data via the internet or networking.

Solar Panel Mounting System

  • Using the best quality aluminum as a foundation for supporting the panel module.
  • Aluminum material that is lightweight and resistant to weather.
  • The frame structure is adapted to the conditions in the field, such as for tile, roof and not zinc.

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