• Punch press with XY automatic positioning device
    • Handheld type that processes materials while you hold them with your hands
    • A wide variety of mouldings to meet processing conditions, including thickness and shape of a plate, will support customers’ needs.
    • Eye-friendly large colour display
    • Touch-panel system for input
    • Simple, direct operation
    • A wide variety of machines are available depending on customer’s needs
    • X-axis length can be chosen from 1000, 1350, 1600, 2000, 3000, 4000
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This turntable-format hydraulic press comes equipped
with 12 programmable buttons that can memorize turntable positions and strokes.
When you push the station button you want,
the mould you want will be rotated into position and set within 15 seconds.
This allows for work to be commenced immediately.


  • Shortens the setup time significantly
  • Turntable
  • Die position can be selected by pushing one numbered button on the operation board
  • Stroke can be stored in memory at each station
  • Quiet operation by a hydraulic mechanism
  • Space-saving design
  • Frees the machinery operator from heavy labour associates with the exchanging of moulds
  • Moulds are no longer damaged as a result of incorrect stroke adjustments
  • Can be used with FUJIKIKO moulds, also possible to use currently-employed moulds
  • Quiet operation because it is a hydraulic press
  • Possible to change the turntable stop position
  • Can also be easily used by female employees

In Japan as well, there are cases of companies that use a large number of moulds installing these RSP-3030P hydraulic presses.
By simply including instructions such as “Use a No.5 mould in Unit No.2” in the work orders issued to employees, it becomes very easy for machinery operators to commence their work duties.

FUJIKIKO offers this RSP-3030P hydraulic press in two formats. One with a press capacity of 300Kn, and the other with a press capacity of 450Kn.

*Other machine types (not pictured) are available

Type Units RSP-3030P RSP-4530P
Pressurization KN(ton) 300(30) 450(45)
Frame gap mm 300
Stroke 75
Open height 270 300
Table diameter 1300
Table height 810
Total height 1470 1570
Downward speed mm/sec 26 17
Upward speed 57 36
Pump electricity usage kw 3-phase 200V 5.5
Oil quantity used litre 80 80
Total weight kg 1750 2450


You can see the following product video 

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RSP3030, RSP3030P, RSP4530P


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