AJIPower Hybrid System DY T1 700-5000W


The definition of
PLTS System with Hybrid technology is where
the source of electricity produced by solar panels can
be combined with a power source from PLN.
Thus alternately the two systems will back up each other when
there is a lack of electric power or blackouts.
In this system,
the Main Energy Source is from a Solar Panel that is converted and accommodated to a battery,
and when the electricity usage exceeds the capacity of the battery,
electricity from the PLN will automatically enter.
Morning and Daytime
The electrical energy produced by Solar Panels is used to optimize all electricity usage at home.
The excess of electrical energy is used to recharge batteries.
When the sun has set, the system will automatically switch to the electrical energy stored in the battery.
If the battery capacity is not enough to meet the use of electricity at home,
the inverter automatically switches with the use of electricity from PLN.



The Main Components of the Hybrid Solar System
Solar Panel Modules / PV
• Uses the PERCIUM Monocrystalline / Polycrystalline Solar Panel module and the latest production.
• Panel Module with the highest quality / Grade A.
• Module with the highest efficiency cell performance.
• Product life 25-30 years.
Hybrid Inverter
• Machines with the best performance efficiency (maximum 98%).
• Equipped with a complete set of information recorded during the process / Power Management System.
• Lack of engine noise, by using the heatsink as the cooler.
• Resistant to wet environments (IP65).
• Already equipped with features that make it easy to retrieve machine data via the internet or networking.
• Using Lithium Iron Phospate(LiFePo4) 
• More than 2000 Cycle for the lifetime
• Light and designed to be able to survive for 20 years 
Solar Panel Mounting System
• Using the best quality aluminum as a foundation for supporting the panel module.
• Aluminum material that is lightweight and resistant to weather.
• The frame structure is adapted to the conditions in the field, such as for tile, roof and not zinc.

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